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Have you ever dreamed to sometimes fly, look at the world from above and soar among the clouds free as birds. Now is the time your dream place ... stagger with paraglider in front of you will open a new world of unforgettable experiences. Paragliding is closest to the feeling of free flight of birds. No motor noise, vibration. Enjoy the sky, the view, the wind. You feel a sense of freedom and relaxation.

what we offer

for an unforgettable flight

Flight with tandem paraglider

The flight with a two-seater paraglider (Tandem) is the easiest and most affordable way to fly and feel the feeling of free flight. For those of you who want to preserve the memories of his first paragliding offer professional video of the whole adventure. All our passengers are insured from the moment they begin to equip a moment and landing gear removed from your body.


accommodation with our partners

We will help you to stay in the best hotels and guesthouses in the city we have secured the best possible prices for our guests


discount in the best restaurants in town

Of course each adventure deserves a good meal afterwards. Why not in the best restaurants in town? That's why all our friends we have special discounts at selected restaurants in town.


And of course unforgettable view

Bulgaria View from above. You will be fascinated by the landscape that opens before your eyes.