Sopot region


Sopot is located in Central Bulgaria, situated at the foot of the Balkan mountains. The town was founded in the fourteenth century. Sopot plays an essential role during the April Uprising and the Russo-Turkish War. The city has many interesting sights: birthplace of Ivan Vazov, Nunnery Convent "Blessed Virgin" Sopot "St.. Spas "Anevsko Kale fortress of 13-15 century fortress Sopot Sopot is the starting point for Nezabravka and routes in Troyan. Available to tourists is the chair lift for 30 minutes displayed on 1600 m. Height. For lovers of extreme sports in the vicinity of Sopot has excellent conditions for mountain biking and paragliding. Sofia - Sopot - 130 km. Plovdiv - Sopot - 66 km. Varna - Sopot - 352 km.

House-museum "Ivan Vazov"

Included in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites and is located 43 place. It built in the XVIII century by the great-grandfather of the poet. During the Liberation War home of Ivan Vazov was destroyed. In 1935 it was opened as a museum thanks to Tsar Boris III, who delivered a speech in front of the restored birthplace of the poet, cut the ribbon and declared it open. The house reflects the Renaissance with its unique color.

Ul. Vasil Lekvski № 1

Phone: +359 (0) 3134 86 50

Hours: daily morning from 8:00 to 12:00 .; after lunch from 13:00 to 17:00.

E-mail: vazov-museum@sopot-municipality.com

Website: http://vazovmuseum.com/

Nunnery nunnery in Sopot (Sopot Monastery "Blessed Virgin")

Included in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites and is located 43 place. Founded in 166g year to the chapel of the XV century. In 1877 it was destroyed. Then rebuilt with preserved old parkalis with fragments of paintings and a few icons, tap in the yard of 1852, and the hiding place of Vasil Levski, cell nun Christina hid Apostle and cells Haji Rehoboam and Rada Gospozhina. The monastery has been linked to the revolutionary activity of the Apostle of Freedom.

Address: North of the central square

Gizzard grandfather Stojan

It is described in the novel by Ivan Vazov "Under the Yoke". Located near the road that leads to the first station of the chairlift.

Sopot monastery "St. Spas "

In its current form is 1879. Burned and destroyed many times. During the Renaissance monastery is a school and singing school. It located about two kilometers northeast of the town of Sopot, on the left bank of the river Monastery. Year of the monastery is unknown. He was visited by eminent scholar Neophyte Rilski. connected in life and revolutionary activity of Levski.