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Super Fly
A very nice gift, especially if you want to impress someone pilot visionary and Fulfil his dreams to soar in the clouds like a bird. Majestic mountains, beautiful valleys nature which everyone would envy us. Treat a loved one or friend, make yourself how many possess as scenery and landmarks.

Voucher entitles the choice between planes CESSNA - Skyhawk - most produced in the world, ultralight models Italian Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam, specialists in the production machines for training motoglayder Vivat - a powerful dose of extreme and emotion in one of the most elegant aircraft on the crest of air currents and last but not least, our air limousines - S-class flying.

Fly on the wings of love / romantic walk by plane /

Romantic stroll in the air for couples. Love doves, honeymooners or romantics gold wedding, this gift is for you. The gift entitles you to choose from four different fields in the four directions of Bulgaria.

Rediscover every day and stay yourself! Laugh heartily, squabbles with the difficulties together, dance, experiment, have fun. With us you will always have friends who can count and know that the support you in all your crazy idea, and even in this.

Въздушно шоу за двама
ONE EXTREME FLIGHT! Unique flight of the plane demonstration of elements of aerial acrobatics.

Virage, a horizontal loop, spiral dive, climb with angles up to 45 degrees battleship turn, loop, these are not just words, but real experience.

Pilots involved in countless aerial demonstrations will provide an unforgettable flight experience.

4x4 off-road school

Especially for lovers of walking out of the way and those who want to improve their skills offer Offroad 4x4 Offroad 4x4 school and walks with specially prepared Toyota jeep TLC 70.

The SUV is fully prepared for difficult and rugged terrain and managed by our instructors can do wonders. This is an opportunity and you learn from their experience.

Climbing course for beginners

Gift for beginner climbers.

Want new entertainment?

More adrenaline?

You love adventure and it can feel your body is full of energy?

Then - this is the gift for you!

We have the most modern climbing hall in Europe, the best instructors and Klaymbar and our coaches will give you valuable tips on how to overcome difficult routes.

You are expected to have enough enthusiastic, tenacious and of course you are not afraid of high ...

Gift suitable for active people who like sports and entertainment.

Training helps greatly to restart in everyday life and develop the muscles of the whole body.

Gift for gentlemen - a day filled with adventure

Day filled with excitement, day to make your blood boil.

A special selection of shooting with powerful weapons, flying long distances and wonderful for the end of the day, massage and reflexology 4 second hands.

You will be able to hold in your hands and shoot with weapons of various calibers - from the grassroots "Makarov" in revolver "Smith & Wesson" to gun type pump .... will fly over mountains and lakes paratrayk and ponder the meaning of life while our masseuses rubbed your every muscle.

Snowmobile for two - 30 min.

Mountain adrenalina and snega are your element?

Prepare warmer, this experience is for people with warm blood!

Real emotion among snowy beauty and unforgettable views in the company of a loved one. Let this be an unforgettable memory of winter scenery and enjoying the snowy walk.

Rafting on the river Struma

Wonderful experience for novice fans of extreme sports and water tourism. Downhill 8 local rubber boats, shelves, easily manageable and in the presence of an experienced instructor. Except for beginners, this adventure is suitable for lovers of excitement, large groups of people and companies aimed at teambuilding outside the labor sreda.Osobeno in cases of very turbulent waters where the sense of danger makes your blood boil. Closeness to nature, active sports and outdoor recreation will bring a lot of emotion!

ATV rentals in Sofia.

We offer a new kind of entertainment for people who have never tried it fun. Specially trained our machines are suitable for beginners. Naturally, particular attention will be paid to women who are not foreign high speeds and driving off the road. We have ATVs with automatic transmission, easy to operate and suitable for everyone. If you follow the instructions of the driver should not worry about injuries or injuries. We also have a two-seater machines to share your entertainment.

Rent a car

Want to drive or ride together? We will take you on safari trails and roads in the forests and mountains. Enjoy spectacular views of the Balkan Mountains of Land Rover! Trips are planned after consultation, as our goal is to be satisfied. Whatever your level, we are doing everything possible to spend an unforgettable day with us. Our machines are prepared for any tests, and our drivers are familiar with all the difficulties.

Karting race for 4 people

Give your karting experience for you and your friends!

Package that offers incredible emotion of a slalom track full of turns and high dose adrenaline with a competitive spirit.

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Sightseeing in Sofia worth visiting

"St.. Sofia"

Emblematic sgrada.Vklyuchena is in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites (71 place). Named after the town, which is a symbol of God's Wisdom. Built on old churches of IV vek.Prez Ages remarkable building was used as urban Catholic Church, and during the Ottoman rule is now converted into a mosque. Its dome is 19 meters high. Four pillars support foi because its diameter is 9 meters. The church was declared a cultural monument of national importance.

Memorial "St. Alexander Nevsky"

Built between 1904-1912g. in appreciation of the Bulgarian people to the work of the Russians in the Russo-Turkish War 1877-1878. Included in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites (59 place) is .Posveten of St. Alexander Nevsky, who is patron of the Russian Emperor Alexander II (Tsar Liberator) .Nad entrance of the temple there is a mosaic portrait of St. Alexander Nevsky . It's made from velikich artist Anton myths. There are other portraits of St. Evdokia and St. Petka, which are made by artists V.Dimov and B. Marinov. These portraits are above the side doors of the church. The bell tower has 12 bells with images that have been made in Moscow. The largest bell weighs approximately 12 tons and the smallest 10 kg.

"St.. Petka of the Saddlers'

Located in the city center. It is from the XV century and contrasts the modern appearance of the capital. Half-hidden in the ground, because during the Ottoman rule noo were allowed Christian zharkva be higher than "Muslim on horseback."

The National Military Museum

Sofia City Art Gallery

Столичният зоопарк

National Museum of History (NMH)

The museum in basilica "St. Sofia"

Park Museum "Vrana"

Gallery-Museum "Dechko Uzunov"