Abbreviated course

Abbreviated course lasts six days.

The training program includes 12 classes:

1. Introduction to equipment and the principles of hang gliding.

2. Preparation of the hardware and checks before flight.

3. Ground flight simulator departure and controlling the paraglider

4. Techniques to collect and stow the wing and knowledge about proper storage and operation of the equipment.

5. First solo flights from training hill - head start, landing approach, landing.

6. Private flights under the guidance of instructors from school and middle hill - off, turns 90 ° and 180 °, landing approach, landing.

7. Elementary knowledge of meteorology and mikrometeorologiya - wind, clouds, air currents evaluating flight conditions.

8. flight simulator to study the dorsal start and controlling the wing to the ground.

9. Solo flights from medium hill - dorsal launch coordinated turns, landing in the goal.

10. Acquaintance with situations especially in flight techniques out of them and instructions for using the reserve parachute.

11. Flights from high hill - off, turns 360 °, pick the right landing approach.

12. Solo flight of a hill under the supervision of an instructor.

Course price 700 lev.

The price includes: theoretical and practical lessons, rental equipment fee for a certificate, advertising gift with paragliding motif.

The course fee does not include insurance and freight!