Full training

The full course lasts from 1 to 3 months, depending on the free time of the students.

Students learn, reinforce and improve takeoff with frontal and dorsal start, turns left and right, techniques, safety in flight techniques for using air currents correct landing approach.

Theoretical training includes lectures and briefings related to aerodynamics, meteorology, tactics and flight safety.

You will gradually acquire self-confidence and become an experienced pilot. You will begin to erect increasingly high, to spend a long time in the air and can fly for long distances. Intervention and correction by the instructor will be only in case of need. Training continues until the instructor is satisfied that the student can independently to operate without any worries.

Course price 1,000 lev.

The price includes: theoretical and practical lessons, rental equipment fee for a certificate, advertising gift with paragliding motif.

The course fee does not include insurance and freight!